कल भी था।
आज भी है।
कल भी होगा।
कुछ कम, कुछ ज़्यादा।
ग़म तो ग़म है।
आता कभी बनके हमदम,
तो कभी करके सबको नम।
कभी मिलाता खुद से खुद को।
कभी दिलाता हमनवां।
जैसे ईर्ष्या, क्रूरता और धोखा।
हरएक चाहता बनाना इससे दूरी।
अफसोस उतना ही गम फैलाता अपनी धुरी।
कल भी था।
आज भी है।
कल भी होगा।
ग़म तो ग़म है।
चाहे हो रात या दिन।
आते ये बनानें को सबको अधिन।
वजह बनते चाहे कुछ भी संगीन।
तब ना बहता दरिया रंगीन।

दीपक दरिया।



बीते पल,
जैसे कल।
था हरपल,
इंतज़ार जिसका आजकल।
आया बनकर बरखा इस पल।।
मिलता शुकुन इतना बस हलचल हरपल।
करता मन बस खोना इसपल।
आरज़ू बस इतना हम-जोली।
बरखा मिलाती दरिया और साहिल,
जैसे मिटते फासले बनकर हम-नवा।
कशिश ऐसे होते, हर अरमान नवा।।
लगता बरखा लिखती हरपल, एक गज़ल।
कभी होता उम्मीद सफल, तो कभी विफल।
बरखा करती सबकुछ ओझल।।

दीपक दरिया।।
बरखा- Rain
आरज़ू- Desire
हलचल- Excitement
साहिल- Shore (किनारा)
हम-जोली- Buddy
हम-नवा- Speaking in unison
अरमान- Ambition
नवा- New
गज़ल- poetry
सफल- Success
विफल- Failure
ओझल- Invisible


क्या पाया?
कल्पना से परे,
क्या सोचा?
उम्मीद से हरे।
जब आया सातपुड़ा,
समझा क्यों सब लड़े?
क्या पाया?
जीवन से परे।
क्या सोचा?
उम्मीद से हरे।
झूमते बंदर, भागते तीतर
कभी इधर तो कभी उधर।
करते सब तंग,
ज़ैसे हो कोई तरंग,
घने लम्बे होते तने,
जो कराते एहसास होकर बौने।
मुड़ती सड़के
कभी तिरछी,
कभी औछी।
ये करते सबब,
ज़ैसे पवन दबाव।
बहता भी दरिया,
ऐसे ना चलता कोई दबाव।
बने है मंदिर भी कई संग इनके,
जो खीच लाते श्रद्धालुओं को ढंग इनके।
पाया उनमें से रंग थे कबीर नाम जिनके।

दीपक दरिया।।

A Journey being a TISSIAN about to Dawn …..

Yesterday, the result of many universities came out. Some gave me immense pleasure to know that I got rejected and some gave me immense learning that Mumbai is going to be a home away from home. It was nothing like a frustrating kid going to school when parents know what next is going to come but the poor kid doesn’t know at all what’s next? The similar story revolved around me. Actually, I never wanted to come to Mumbai. Nevertheless, it is Mumbai which was keeping her promises to my dream to let it flow in this dreaming land or the so-called “Mayanagri” to make me dream big and think rationally. Being a TISSAN my initial days were in an exciting zone. At the same time, it was rain which was about to make me lost the pain of being lonely, without friends, family and what not the best people around every corner of life. It was something best to happen in the course of time. New friends, new vistas of learning in many senses of life was about to come next. These learning were being independent at the moment when I was exploring so many opportunities in my life being it academic or a traveler or self-proclaimed blogger turned poet. I tried a multi-faceted approach to move on in academic year one and second while I was away from campus life to field doing some research for my research course dissertation. The fun and learning became part of my life at TISS and being a TISSIAN everywhere I went be it Sri-Lanka or Bhutan, a sense of different learning of society always flown within me which kept on exploring a value-based, society based and down to earth approach to mingle and make people feel those values which TISS stands for in its neutral value learning which makes this place a tiny island of knowledge in its entirety. The journey of being a kid to seeping into another zone of higher learning is around with this passing moment of convocation. This memory, this leaning lifestyle of losing some and being a lonely person in the work of being a researcher is next and around the corner soon. I am excited same time while perplexed in next moment what next is on the way. Still, I am happy that I made a little progress in my life as an academic professional. The path was shown by many moments in TISS, being a person of value, an aloof and independent person on many fronts are being tested soon at the life’s next journey. I am happy that the knowledge, the outcome, and persona of many categories is about to begin to shape me further in my metamorphosis days of learning and growing in academia. One side it is so many things happening in micro level in India and bundle of uncertain things are happening at a Macro level in the world. This is nothing but the opportunities for students to be employed for future ready and doing best shape to the world with knowledge and value but it is hardly can be seen what earlier TISS is known for. Still, the gimmick of a dawn of sun will succeed in its own way to TISS to reach the next milestone just like the poor kid who makes his own future with time and knowledge which mature him into a person. Something similar is going to happen in TISS too which will reshape everyone alike. Happy beginning it is called. Let’s be helpful and sharing people in the society as TISSIAN does………..

Being a Local guide..

It is an amazing journey to see the world as a solo traveler. This feeling is beyond explainable in words. It can be felt only. This journey of a traveler is not an easy one. it is an arduous task to go places particularly unseen and unexplored. It gives me a passion to do something unique in a unique way. Be the journey of Himalaya or western ghats, Shivalik range or Aravali range, seaside or plain side of Ganges or the Yamuna or Krishna, Godavari, Sabarmati or Manas or the mighty Brahmaputra. The journey is a journey itself to explore different parts of the Indian ocean, Himalayas, and western ghats. Meeting new people is an amazing experience, be it sharing local knowledge in a global world. Being a local guide is an amazing experience to help millions of people in different parts of South, North, East or Western part of India, far northern part of eastern India to Bhutan and island nation of Sri-Lanka. It gave different hopes to people across India to think and learn from my journey in a budget way. All credit goes to the traveling passion. The journey can’t be completed without the help of Google be it local guide, maps, google earth, GmailIMG_20180402_182020

or youtube which helped me in a way to scout the ideas to transform my passion in a unique way itself without anyone’s help.


सांसे करती बयाँ ज़िन्दगी,

रुके तो थमे बन्द-ऐ-ज़िन्दगी।


अदब है ज़नाब क्या?

थोड़ा घूमना और थोड़ा बहना।

चाहे हो समय का या इंसान का।


प्यार बनती कभी बन्दगी,

कभी बनाती काँटों भरी तिष्नगी।


अदब है ज़नाब क्या?

थोड़ा समझना और थोड़ा समझाना।

ना जाने फिर भी होता क्यों शर्माना।


सांसे जब नई करती तिष्नगी,

फिर काहे की शर्मिंदगी?


अदब है ज़नाब दरियादिली।

बस दिखना और दिखाना चाहिए,

तभी बनते बन्द-ऐ-ज़िन्दगी।

तुम्हारी बातें

तुम्हारी बातें।
ना सांस लेने देती है,
और न ही थमने देती है,
कभी बुलाती, तो कभी सुलाती।
कितना भी सोचा हमेशा पागल बनाती।
तुम्हारी बातें।
बिना बोलें सब कह जाती,
बेवजह इंतन्हा कर जाती,
कभी रातों को दिन सा बनाती।
तो कभी दिन में ही खोने पर मजबूर करती।
तुम्हारी बातें।
हमेशा हर पल कुछ नया ऐहसास दिलाती,
चाहें कोई हो अज़नबी या, अज्ञानी।
हर किसी को बनाती अपनी दीवानी।
पर जब खिलता चाँद दरिया तीरे
हर एक खिंचा चला आता धिरे-धीरे।

तुम्हारी बातें।
रोते को हँसाते, हर एक को मुस्काते।
जब आते दरिया और पुरवैया की सौगाते।
खो जाती दुनियां जैसे चाँद सितारोँ में।
चन्द मिनट बदलते घँटों में।
तुम्हारी बातें।।